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Thank you to the over 200 kids who tried out this year!   


Below are the players that have been slotted for a Fall 2019 United Soccer Team.  Coaches will be contacting families directly with information on registration and team meetings.   But first... 


Notes from WWUSC President, Bob Litts: 

There will be an Club Parent Meeting as follows: 

Tuesday, June 18, 7:30 PM at the Whitman Gym

On the agenda:  Presentation by Director of Coaching, Mike Washington, on the United coaching philosophy, coach/team break-out sessions & voting in of new WWUSC board members.

Notes from WWUSC Registrar:   

1)  Any unpaid balances from Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 will prevent players from Fall 2019 assigned player cards if they have not paid in full or set up a payment plan.  Please reach out to wwusc.registar@gmail.com for more information.  

2)  Stay tuned!  Details regarding the Fall online registration process coming soon!    


Notes for BOYS birth year 2007, 2006  (Thunder) & 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 (Bobcats & HS boys)

Boys in these birth years will be individually contacted by the Club to inform them of the current timeline for the formation of these teams.  Every player who tried out will be contacted by email with further information.  Please look for that email no later than Tuesday, June 4th.  If you do not receive a message please contact the Club Administrator, Scott Shields at the following email: 
Congratulations!  Below is the list of Athletes who have been assigned to a team.  Here is the order: 
  • BOYS (2008-2012 only): Birth Year/ First Name  
  • GIRLS (2001-2011):  Birth Year/ First Name
Boys 2008-2012 Birth Year 
Boyer Robinson 2008
Braeden McCauley 2008
Carlos Meza 2008
Charlie Bess 2008
Hedwyn Nicolas-Giles 2008
Jens Nierman 2008
Jordan Lopez 2008
Josue Luna 2008
Julian Pena Quezada 2008
Kenroy Brown 2008
Luke Allen 2008
Mitchell Vu 2008
Parker Hand 2008
Ricky Kulberg 2008
Riley Belcher 2008
Trey McCauley 2008
Carson Hayes 2009
Gabriel Martinez 2009
Jaykob Lopez 2009
Josue Garcia 2009
Kaden Wilson 2009
Kellen Hutchens 2009
Mavrec Mills 2009
Micah Eggart 2009
Michael Kulberg 2009
Beckam Mills 2010
Bly Sprague 2010
Cameron Grimm 2010
Emerson Escalante 2010
Graeson Parsons 2010
Grayson Carlile 2010
Harper Elliot 2010
Henry Veninga 2010
Jameson Block 2010
Kasey Bowen 2010
Leo Munoz 2010
Martin Finnegan 2010
Mingus Gubbels 2010
Rowan Grahm 2010
Ulysses Flores 2010
Andre Perez 2011
Colton Davis 2011
David Luna 2011
Edrei Segovia 2011
Evan Emisse 2011
Geo Munoz 2011
Isaiah Betancourt 2011
Jasper Watson 2011
Kaleb Gleason 2011
Kellen Meliah 2011
Malcom Cunnison 2011
Parker Ryan 2011
Paul Jimenez 2011
Quentin McCauley 2011
Emrys Myers 2012
John (Noah) Valdez 2012
GIRLS  2001-2011 Birth Year
Eliana Coburn 2001
Emmalynn Ogden 2001
Neftali Segovia 2001
Neliah Williams 2001
Sadie Robinson 2001
Alison Guizar 2003
Gianna Smith 2003
Jessalee Wilks 2003
Kaitlyn Hassler 2003
Mikailyn O'Dell 2003
Olivia Taylor 2003
Sophia Schonder 2003
Taylor McGill 2003
Chandler Turner 2004
Emily Smith 2004
Jenna Cox 2004
Jennifer Huntsman 2004
Kaitlyn King 2004
Kaitlynn Beuck 2004
Lucy Kelly 2004
Taryn Cox 2004
Alexis Fadness 2005
Ava Nelson 2005
Brenna Perry 2005
Chloe Knight 2005
Hayleigh Burke 2005
Marlee Boyd 2005
Mylee Perry 2005
Natalie Litts 2005
Olivia Cassetto 2005
Paige Wilcox 2005
Stella Billingsley 2005
Adriana Smith 2006
Ally Beuck 2006
Bryn McDevitt 2006
Chloe Busch 2006
Jaden Ryan 2006
Jenna Vinyard 2006
Kameryn Tupling 2006
Keegan Isenhower 2006
Kelsey Grahm 2006
Lola Ewoniuk 2006
Macy Eggart 2006
Natalie Martinez 2006
Paige Purdente 2006
Reagan Reser 2006
Tula Shipps 2006
Anza Bealey 2007
Bridget Boyd 2007
Hadley Hiner 2007
Lilah McGill 2007
Sara Bowen 2007
Siarah Buenrostro 2007
Zaley Blocklinger 2007
Ada Velluzzi 2008
Daniella Meza 2008
Eliana Isenhower 2008
Genevieve Dever 2008
Korinne Hayes 2008
Lucy Billingsley 2008
Marisa Tupling 2008
Payton Ryan 2008
Sloane Stemple 2008
Adaliah Valdex 2009
Hadley Block 2009
Kinzey Appleford 2009
Lexie Stewart 2009
Lily Oakley 2009
Reagan Hendley 2009
Taylor Martinez 2009
Addison Mason 2010
Emily Ferguson 2010
Liliana Garcia 2010
Makayah Lawyer 2010
Raelyn McNeil 2010
Emma Bottoms 2011
Gracie Corona 2011
Jayla Ortiz 2011
Molly Franklin 2011


Congratulations athletes!  Again, next step is that coaches will contact player families directly through e-mail soon with team and next steps details.  If you have any questions, contact wwusc.webmaster@gmail.com.    




Walla Walla United Soccer Club Vision Statement

Every young soccer player in our community enjoys a positive sporting experience coached in a safe, knowledgeable, and growth-minded environment with an emphasis on fun, camaraderie and life lessons.

Walla Walla United Soccer Club Mission Statement

To enhance the lives of youth in our community by providing structured soccer experiences for youth at all levels of play.


Walla Walla United Soccer Club is a member of US Club Soccer and the Puget Sound Premier League. The Select and Premier Program is to provide a positive and creative environment for the advanced players to improve their soccer skills. Our club will develop our youth into successful soccer players and teach them core values well beyond the game. WWUSC focuses on hard work, skill development, discipline and fitness training. We will create a positive environment for all athletes to improve and develop as individuals through sports with a strong emphasis on character, work ethic, and attitude.


Please join our mailing list or connect with a Club Contact for more information!

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